Colt's Bakery

How would you like your very own cupcakes made by Colt?! Last night, Colt & I had a blast making cupcakes & homemade icing. It's such a joy to be able to create such fun memories with him. Yes, he even cooked naked ;) I didn't mind one bit. He enjoyed every minute of it & loved the cupcake mix not baked...just like his mommy :) I would catch him putting his whole hand into the mix, licking the spoon & putting it back in there, and most of all, licking each cupcake after he DECORATED them hisself! Moments like these make me thankful for being able to spend quality & fun time with him. It seems like here lately, we have hit the terrible 2's stage. So when we are at home having fun...it makes up for all the spankings he gets ;) Tonight, we had Carlee's last Jr. High basketball game...WOW! Can't believe I just said that! Seems like yesterday, she was just starting CYC....Since she's started basketball in Jr. High both 7th & 8th grade year, they've only lost ONE GAME!!! WOW! Then, we had a very exciting Varsity basketball game watching Case! He's such a talented young man :) Anyways, both teams won! What a great night! I'm heading out...we have more games tomorrow night!

Tonight, let's pray about always putting God first in our life! Sometimes, we forget to give God all the praise & glory! I know I forget sometimes :) But I'm so thankful he forgives me.

Have a great rest of the week!
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