Soon to be Hawkey player

You may be asking HAWKEY? I'm spelling it the way Colt says it.....HaaaWKeeeey (Hockey) Player. Him & his daddy had a boys trip yesterday to McDonald's and Wal Mart while I was having a bridal shower. Anyways, they came home with a new pair of skates for Colt. He now thinks he is a hockey player. He uses his golf club as a hockey stick & basketball as a hockey puck. Yes, it's been too funny watching him try to skate. He's actually doing a lot better than what I would have thought for a 2 1/2 year old. Before too long, he'll be skating like a pro. He's growing up so fast. I laugh all the time at the things that comes out of his mouth. There is never a dull moment with him around. I got told yesterday that a couple of ladies had been reading my facebook daily to see/read the things Colt had said or done. Yes, I do not exaggerate at the things that he does. He is full fledged boy. I always laugh because after basketball games, Colt will run up to Haley (a senior) look at her & then with his fingers on his cheeks say "Nannie Nannie boo boo, you can't get me" The littlest things Colt can turn into a whole conversation. And after every spanking he gets, he looks for someone to tell & says "Mommy hit me because I scream" GEEZ :) Anyways, here's to wishing each one of you a happy Valentine's Day.


  1. I'm lovin' this. WHAAAAAHAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAA. A little naked chef/Hawkee player. lol. LOVE IT!!!! -Stephanie Davis

  2. Love it.....enjoy him while you can...he will grow up so fast....Haley loves him:) -- Marla B