Fishy Dilemma

Well, Colt has new pets. 3 goldfish & 1 crab. Yes, we finally let him have more fish after the huge trouble we had with the first ones. Let me take you back to what happened in our household a couple of months ago.

Colt wanted fish. I finally gave in (anyone that knows me, KNOWS I hate fish) Anyways, none the less, what Colt wanted he got. So we bought the whole thing at Wal Mart. We bought a fish bowl, a ship, rocks, grass, etc. We brought them home and situated. The next day, Colt grabs his fishing pole & sets off thinking that he could really fish in his fishing bowl. BUT, that is not the only thing Colt did that day. He also fed the fish his chocolate muffin, reached his hand in the bowl & grabbed the fish, and most of all, continued to stare at the fish inside the bowl moving them every couple of seconds. The following day we found the fish dead. My thinking is that they truly saw "the light" and swam toward. The saying "there goes $20 down the drain" truly applies to the Munroe's :)

So this evening, Blake & Colt set off in another adventure of raising fish :) But buying the fish were more trouble than expected. Once the fish were purchased, I dropped them in the shopping cart. We immediately picked them up & saw that there was a hole in the plastic bag. So here we go rushing toward the back of Wal Mart with a shopping cart & a bag of water that was dripping out into Blake's hand. He was in a hurry to save the fish ;)

So, please wish us luck on the next couple of days of raising fish ;) We hope y'all all have a great night! Here are a few pictures of Colt & his new pets. Hopefully Major won't get too jealous.

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